Tuesday, December 25, 2007

New Startup

It's been a busy two months since I last posted. Australian businesses tend to take a fairly lengthy break (certainly by US standards) around Christmas time. The upside of this is that it's nice to have some time off; the downside is that everyone works furiously trying to complete projects before the Christmas shutdown. During this furious period, I've been progressing a couple of deals, which hopefully I can talk about in the upcoming months. This has prevented regular blogging, but like most errant bloggers, I'll optimistically declare that things will pick up again in the new year.

However, yesterday I confirmed progress on what might be my most exciting startup yet. A seed round was completed a couple of months ago and today we've confirmed that things are growing. What's most exciting, is that it looks like we can expect an exit as early as August! Amazingly, in terms of growth, I'm really confident that we'll see well over a 1000x increase by time of exit, and likely almost another 20x increase over the next 20 years! So, this is pretty amazing news, and I'll keep you all posted.

Merry Christmas!