Sunday, November 22, 2015

CREE Connected Bulbs

So, I'm jumping into the latest thing and dabbling with home automation.  After some effort, I've managed to get my Wink system talking to all of my stuff.

Highest marks goes to Nest and Ring for being the most seamless.  Well done!

One particular challenge (and the point of this post) was my CREE bulbs.  The help manual says to cycle the power 2seconds on and 2 seconds off in order to reset the bulb for pairing.

However, it is actually ONE second on, 2 off.  Then it worked just fine.

Here's Aloysius from Cree:
Hello everyone,
This is Aloysius from Cree's Connected Bulb support team. I apologize for the troubles some of you may be having. Please go ahead and try resetting our bulbs with the following procedure which should resolve all the issues.
Here is how to manually reset the bulb,
Our Cree Connected bulbs need to be turned on for 1 second and then off for 2 seconds over and over until there is a noticeable flash letting the user know the bulb has been hardware reset.
-Note: The (1-sec-on : 2-sec-off) iterations can be done with a stopwatch but it isn't an exact science. Basically you need to turn it off long enough for the power to become completely exhausted in the capacitor and then add power back to the capacitor and do process again. Bulb is meant to hardware reset after 4 iterations.
This procedure is most easily done with a regular light switch rather than screwing the bulb in and out of the fixture by hand. Most bathrooms are a good candidate since they generally have easy access fixtures with a light switch. Also, please don't use a 3 way switch for resetting.
I hope this helps,
From Cree Support