Thursday, August 18, 2011

What in the world is going on?

I gave a presentation to Idealab today. This was something I prepared when I was at the X PRIZE Foundation in 2009, for a group of manufacturing executives at an MIT conference. I updated the data for what's been happening these past two years.

I am really pleased with the opportunity I had to really dig into finding good data and case studies. I modeled it after Hot, Flat and Crowded by Friedman - a book I can highly recommend.

I should make one correction. When I first put this slide deck together, two years ago, the inputs that I provided to the model at resulted in a temperature increase of 2.6C by 2100. For some reason when I tried the model recently, I noticed some changes to their page, and the temperature increase was only 1.8C by 2100. This is a huge difference, and I'm going to contact them to see what changes they made to their model that resulted in this difference. What's interesting is that the CO2 concentration is similar in both cases, around 450ppm, so the change appears to be in the temperature calculation from the CO2 concentration.