Thursday, March 04, 2010

Radio Silence

I haven't posted in ages. Apologies for this. Part of the reason is that after I left the VC world, I entered the not-for-profit space as the head of the X PRIZE Foundation's Energy prize efforts. It was pretty exciting to be working on developing potentially a future X PRIZE. However, I couldn't talk much about what I was doing, as I was developing a future open competition.

I have since left the X PRIZE and founded my own company, and I can't talk much about that either! So, I haven't posted much.

However, I can say that I'm learning a lot about utilities and how electricity markets work. I just want to say - they are confusing. I spent a few years serving military customers, but I haven't seen this kind of skill in wielding acronyms:
The CAISO procures A/S such that the total procurement volumes plus self-provision volumes meet or exceed the WECC MORC and NERC CPS.

From the Market Issues and Performance 2008 Annual Report

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David Ryan said...

I can only assume you've joined the wonderful world of smart grid where the fast based technology world has collided with the slow and political world of utilities. May patience be with you. Either way, welcome, it's definitely different.