Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Gates Notes

Bill Gates had a really good writeup on the need for energy storage and what we're doing at Energy Cache.  Check it out.

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Louise Braverman said...

We are the architects for the design of multiple buildings for Village Health Works' ( 40 acre, 100% off- the- municipal- grid site in Kigutu, Burundi. The site is a sloping hill facing Lake Tanganyika. With those two elements in place, it seems like it would be an ideal location for a test fit of the solar/hydro storage technology that you are working on. The existing solar farm with battery back up will not be sufficient as we move forward with new buildings, We are currently working on our 5 year plan which includes a long term energy strategy. Is there someone that you can recommend in your group that we speak to about this or related sustainable energy technologies? Thanks so much. You can contact us at