Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Investment Thesis

Fred Wilson gave a really great talk at my alma mater, MIT.  I'm going to link the relevant bit below:

As someone who has lived through the "Cleantech" collapse since 2009, this is really enlightening and encouraging.  It's hard to believe, but yes, there was a time when a solid investment thesis in internet investing got laughed at.  I feel, by analogy, this now applies to energy/food/water investing (see, we can't even call it cleantech anymore - note the blog title).

I think the premise is brilliant - "The best time to invest in something is when nobody believes in it but you [snip], but you have to know why".

We're seeing the investment blues of energy investing starting to thaw now.  DBL, 1955, Obvious, Evok, and others are getting funds off the ground.  The fundamentals haven't changed (in fact, they've gotten stronger) and people better understand how not to repeat the excesses of 2004-2008. 

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